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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stone Jewellery: An Eternal Beauty

Stone jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a lifetime. They have always been an integral part of the Indian tradition. The components of such jewelries constitute precious and semi-precious stones embedded in the traditional gold, silver, diamond and even platinum. There has been a significant increase in the global awareness of the economic potential of jewelry stones in the recent past. This has accelerated the rate of production in this sector and intensified the demand for the gemstones producing countries.

The Industry: The organized sector of the gems and jewelry industry in India is estimated to grow at 40 per cent per annum to US$ 2.2 billion by 2010. The financial year 2009-10, as per the Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council's (GJEPC), showcased an upward movement in its efforts to spread trading relations and widen its markets. Gold Souk, the jewelry mall developer, in its effort to enhance the market strategy, has planned a sprawling gems and jewelry special economic zone (SEZ) spread across 40 acres with an investment of US$ 441.1 million. A total net imports of gems and jewelry in April 2009- March 2010, touched US$ 27.49 billion (app) taking the growth to the tune of US$ 19.9 million over corresponding month in the previous year, according to the GJEPC.

The Structure And The Suppliers:

* India has achieved a sustainable growth in this particular sector, as a prominent international source for high quality designer (precious and semi precious) stone jewelry.

* Based out of certain prominent states, spread across the North, West and East, production facilities owned by local as well as National brands have proved to accelerate the Indian stone jewelry sector, which is primarily an unorganized one.

* The primal strengths of these units are their state-of-art technologies and the skilled craftsmen.

* Some of the major and domestic suppliers in this division are:-

* Shrenuj & Company Ltd.

* Kerala-based jeweler Malabar Gold.

* Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

* Many other domestic players spread across the country are trading in these jewelries and fast growing to make an international presence.

 India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry. She takes pride in being the diamond polishing capital of the world. India has evolved in being a major force in the global Gems and Jewelry business on the basis of the following strengths:

* Availability of highly skilled and low-cost labor

* Established manufacturing excellence in jewelry (both with and without stones) and diamond polishing

* Most technologically advanced diamond cutting center in the world ·

* Harnesses the opportunity to address the global market

Apart from the beauty and legacy associated with the stone jewelries, the gems are of great curative value too. The ancient scientific scriptures stand tall in finding relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. The color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), goes on to explain the presence of cosmic rays in various wavelengths (colors), giving rise to unique affects on the health of our mind and body.

Use Courier Services For Important Deliveries

Whenever anybody needs to send something that is extremely important or highly valuable, there is always a bit of nervousness about whether it will arrive safely. The worst case scenario would be that the item goes missing completely which could be an absolute disaster. If you choose to use professional courier services to make your delivery then this can help to alleviate some of this apprehension.

There are a number of reasons that using a parcel delivery company can be a much safer option when sending an important item. The first one we will take a look at is the fact that you can arrange for a next day delivery before 10 o'clock in the morning. If you choose to use this option then it means that the person waiting to receive the package will know when it will arrive. They can easily make arrangements to be there when the parcel is delivered and this takes away any possibility of somebody else intercepting the item. It also means that the item wont need to be left with a neighbor or left sitting in your porch.

By using a delivery company you will find that a lot of them will be able to offer a free tracking service. This is an easy to use way of checking the progress of your parcel and it lets you see that it is safely on its way. All you usually need to do is go on to the company website and find the tracking section, you then enter your code and it will tell you where about the parcel is in the delivery chain. Another safety measure that can help with your parcels is the fact that you can use a signed for service. This means that the package cannot be delivered unless someone has signed for it. The person signing will also usually have to show some identification to show that they are in fact the addressee or that they live with the addressee.

Therefore, if you are sending something that is either very important or has a high value then you should consider courier services as an option. Doing this can help give you an little bit more peace of mind.

Make the Right Impact at the Right Time with Flyer Printing

Selecting the right promotional vehicle is imperative to achieve affordable promotion and maximum impact on a limited marketing budget. The business organizations are largely tempted to splash out expensive promotional mediums like the television and print advertising by cutting down on their production or other budgets. But, the extravagant promotional tools do not guarantee success and may not prove to be the perfect medium of promotion when compared to the other sacrifices you had to make. Therefore, you must always select the promotional mode after considering all the relevant factors which constitutes your budget, target customers, marketing goals and so on. While, you consider all these factors, you will finally discover that flyer printing always emerges out as a winner!

The design and the layout of your flyer UK must be really eye catching and prominent if you desire to get noticed among myriads of other competitive flyers. Your key message in the flyer printing which includes who you are and what you are offering must stand out boldly to get immediately noticed by the passerby and the recipient of the flyer.

With the advent of the internet, many companies are in favor of placing all their marketing eggs in the internet basket. But, they forget that the traditional mode of flyers UK distribution holds equal importance and they must never be ignored or cast off as obsolete. The emails promotion is only read by your prospective customers if they are free at that period or are interested. Otherwise all your emails will be deleted by the people without even opening the mail and reading the content. Whereas, the flyer printing holds more chances that they will be at least glanced through by your prospective customers and if they are tempted by the content they will instantly read further.

Your flyer printing can provide a longer and substantial message, show the product or service offered with their benefits, and can also furnish the recipient a feel of the personality, attitude and vision of your company.

Once you have created enticing flyers with the help of flyer printing company and adequately distributed them among your prospective customers, all you have to do is sit back and just experience the increasing number of your clients, their immediate response to your offers and your enhanced brand image!

Types of Leadership Training

Effective leadership of a company's bottom line performance is required. Successful managers know how to motivate employees, communicate effectively with colleagues and trying to lead your organization through time. Talent to help these officers, many companies offer training courses, peer leadership training vendors to improve communications, management style and works mainly focused on improving performance. Most of these training classes lead a traditional, are delivered in person to orbit, and most popular officers is based on specific needs.


Individual, team and organizational leadership training classes on site performance by companies and the immediate improvement in productivity in the workplace with the goal of driving are offered such as Ken Blanchard Companies. Development Dimensions International, on-site leadership training to prepare for the authorities to constantly changing global market, other vendors, including courses designed to adapt your leadership style.

Principles speculation/

Leadership training field fielder Fred, Robert House, including Ken Blanchard and Bernard Bass Pioneers, what effective leaders inspire theories have developed, the outcome of these leaders on their subordinates and leadership effectiveness can be evaluated how. For example, bass transformational leadership theory states that successful leaders "of the importance of his works performed by his subordinates and the importance of increasing awareness." Also on the way home goal theory suggests that most successful leaders have charted out that is highly motivated to perform Path to subordinates. Leadership training courses are often designed with these principles in mind.


Leadership training to help managers and high level executives and to motivate all employees to perform effectively in a way that gets with overall corporate goals aligns. Leadership training course is especially useful when a senior executive workforce results in a change in a new, small employee groups are headed. Also, experienced senior executive leadership training and a less experienced employee after retirement is important is forced into a leadership position.


Leadership training in more than just a skilled manager and respected the results can. Leaders led by properly trained staff are often more content in his work. They have a high level of motivation and a sense that their daily actions are contributing to the overall health of the organization reported. Companies also reported that a more satisfied workforce is more productive and lower headcount in the business.


Leadership training for an organization, just not the CEO or other top officials throughout the ranks is beneficial for a range of staff. Any department manager, front-line managers or team leaders who manage an individual or a group of employees can benefit from leadership training courses. For example, the customer service department often the most direct link to the customer experience, so the team leader can benefit from training that results in both a satisfied employee and customer base.

Mobile Marketing Exposed - Can You Make Money Targeting Smartphone Users?

Mobile Marketing Exposed is developed by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, whom are very experienced online marketers and has been making money from creating advertising campaigns to smart phone users. This is a market with huge potential that is growing much bigger every day.

That's where mobile marketing comes in. Mobile marketing enables companies in many sectors such as travel and retail to send promotional messages and vouchers via Bluetooth and SMS for example. A direct, targeted approach to connecting with limitless clients.

What is Mobile Marketing Exposed?

Mobile Marketing Exposed is a new form of marketing targeted for mobile devices such as mobile phones and other hand-held devices. It is categorized under the same form of marketing as road shows and billboards.

Mobile marketing involves several types of advertising techniques, the most common being marketing through the use of SMS. Another one of the benefits of mobile marketing is that it is more likely to work more than traditional marketing due to its nature.

In mobile marketing, people have to opt-in to a subscription to get marketing messages. What this entails is that you only get to send messages to people who are actually interested and have a high probability of buying your product.

Today, people have become over-saturated with the traditional forms of marketing messages in the form of advertisements, telemarketing, and email spam, to the point that they are not that much effective anymore.

Mobile marketing are relatively much cheaper than these aforementioned traditional promotional campaigns and you can totally control who will receive these marketing messages since they are targeted. This way, what you will spend on a marketing campaign will not be wasted.

Mobile Marketing Exposed Key Parts:

* You'll learn the secrets to understanding the people that make up this marketplace and more importantly, how they think.

* How to leverage and exploit all the benefits of mobile marketing.

* Step by step "secret" formula for creating a 100% compatible mobile site from scratch.

* How to use automated mobile site building tools that will cut your production time down drastically.

* How to leverage the power of WordPress and use it with a mobile website for quick and easy site creation.

* The secrets to using "mobile SEO" to promote your mobile sites.

* Leveraging the power of Google site maps to create a mobile site map that Google will accept into their system.

* How to market your mobile site to the millions of iPhone users with iPhone applications.

This is a proven business blueprint for serious marketers. If you're one of those people who simply buy courses and do nothing with them except let them sit and collect dust that we beg you not to think about this course.

This course is for action takers. It's for people who can follow a simple set of step-by-step instructions, to ultimately earn the type of lifestyle that only a few lucky individuals will ever see in their lifetime.

ENTREPRENEUR FASHION STUDENT - have you got what it takes?

Fashion is not just donning models with the latest designer labels to work it in the runway, fashion also means business. Better yet, a very tough business. The clothing fashion industry is very competitive and to break into this market with a new brand requires something special or a new trend/style with a strategy to get mass attention.

Budding fashion designers enter a hard-hitting world where they take the road along with the famous and veteran designers who's got their names tagged on clothes all over the world. How can someone still unknown top that? It's very difficult. However, I didn't say it's impossible.

To earn customers and sell new designs from new designers, my idea is to target the fashion student/entrepreneur who thinks they have a brilliant idea that could work out. A recent survey by "Shell" indicated that 40% of young people think of starting their own business and spend 24 hours a week talking about it mostly while socializing.

Entrepreneurs are getting much greater media attention because of programs such as "Dragons' Den", "The Apprentice" and "The Big Idea". This is a world wide phenomena but the big problem is how to market to these young people?

One strategy might be to get a well known entrepreneur who is connected to the media to model and wear the garments. It's like getting known with free advertisement. If you want a "celebrity entrepreneur" to model your creations, it requires making an offer he/she cannot refuse. Perhaps assets in the business or a percentage of the profits.

It's very important to have business skills when you're a fashion designer. Because the main goal is to sell what you have by clicking to the public. Testmyidea is always interested in offering part of it's assets in a deal.

London for Today

London, the capital of England is a good place for people to visit and thus people enjoy themselves a lot in this place. Different things and events are happening in London for people which may and may not be beneficial for people. Recently it had been found out that a train in London killed many people and thus some people are also found to be injured as well. The news had been reported up by many people and thus the London people are trying their best to do something in this regard so that the conditions of the London and its other cities could be improved a lot. 16 years old boy had been killed by train when the police was chasing the boy. This had been a very bad and a crucial moment for people present all over the London. The police officials were going to arrest the people who were found to be the people belonging from some other nation. They began to suspect them and thus in this way the persons stopped at the railway when the train killed people. Many other accidents also happen in London. Many solutions are suggested by people so that they don't have to face such problems again and again. The condition of London is pretty good as compared to other countries and thus people in London are living their lives as easily and as happily as they could. The government of London had always been trying their best to avoid all the difficulties that their people have to face in their daily life and thus they also want to get their entire population free from any severe thing. Different sort of people, cultures and religion are present there and thus people can also speak different languages there. People in England live their lives easily and happily without any difficulty.